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I am a interdisciplinary artist from Barcelona (Spain). My practice includes Acrylic, Watercolour and 3D Computer Graphics, exploring and linking reality, augmented reality virtual reality and augmented virtuality. I began painting canvases and Graffiti in 1992, and I have been surrounded by artists, professors and paintings since that time. From 1993 to 1998, I attended the Fine Arts and Graphic Design School “Groc” in Barcelona as a painting and ceramics major. From 1994 to 2006 I did so many individual and collective exhibitions at restaurants, graffiti events, popular ateneos and cultural centres of Spain and France. In 2006, I obtained a DNAP, at the “École supérieure des Beaux Arts de Perpignan” (France) in Fine Arts. Between 2006 and 2007 I obtained a post-graduate degree in 3D Computer Graphics at Escola d’Informática i Oficis de Barcelona and a second post-graduate degree in 3D Computer Graphics at the Autodesk Training Center of Barcelona.

I was working as a cultural mediator in “El proyecto Avión” (Barcelona, 2006), and as a cultural mediator too in the “Arts Santa Mònica” museum (Barcelona, 2006). After working on my own projects for a couple of years, I co-created my first startup, Mars’ Toad, in 2009. The aim of this startup company was to develop different and funny games for iPhone and iPad like Captain Glyph, a fast paced action-puzzle-word game. In 2012, I started the project that I am working on right now, called “Imaginary Destinations”, a personal metaphor of the 3D virtual worlds.



I’ve been participating in Art Fairs in the United States and Europe like ArtExpo New York (USA) in April 2015 and Art Shopping París (France), at Carrousel du Louvre, June 2015. Also I’ve been participating in 1st Modern Art Fair at Schloss Neuberg (Austria) in July 2015 as well as in the 1st Modern Art Austria Biennale (August 2015) at Castle Hubertendorf in Blindenmarkt (Austria), to name just a few.

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I’ve been participating in collective exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland, France, England, The Netherlands, Australia, Italy, etc. I would also like to emphasise that I’ve been exhibiting in historical sites such as the birthplace of Ramon Gomez De La Serna (Madrid, Spain), sharing space with 20 original Pochoirs by Picasso, the “Fondation Of Art Rachdingue’ (Vilajuïga, Spain), created in 1968 under the holy patronage of Salvador Dali, or the Castle Hubertendorf (Blindenmarkt, Austria) and Castle Neuberg (Neuberg, Austria). I received the Contemporary Austria Art Award for ‘Imaginative Conception” from the MAMAG Museum of Blindenmarkt (Austria).


My artworks have been featured in several art magazines or books as Sachet Mixte, ArtPeople, Xtrart, MAMAG Museum’s Book, Hidden Treasure Art Magazine, Cabinet De l’Art, Kelise, Les Ludiques, About Art Magazine, Art Reveal Magazine, etc. I was featured artist as part of the educational project “365 Days: 365 Artists” (USA), I took part in the International Art & Humanitarian Project “Minoan Civilization” (Greece), I also took part in collective exhibitions organized by not-for-profit organisations such as “Art With Heart” (England), ARCAM Mirano (Italy), cultural projects as ‘Arte Correo | Con La Mano En El Corazón” (Argentina), etc, etc.

I am currently represented by Mahlstedt Gallery (USA), Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts (Australia), Leonardo Da Vinci Art Gallery (South Africa) and Open This End (Spain).


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